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Craft availability 22/11/2021

Craft availability 22/11/2021

All craft orders need to be in by the end of Tuesday 23/11/21 for this week. Any orders after this will be in the week after.

Some brand new beers brewed by Hophurst this week:
Wilde Child Black November Sale the following lines will be 30% off. Barbaric Eccentricity (Cans & Keg) Instant Hobo (Cans & Keg) Demolition Man (Cans & Keg) Rite of Passage (Cans) Absolute Impeachment, Opaque Fantasy, Distorting Horizons (All Cans).

Also keep your eye out next week for some brilliant looking new stouts from Twisted Wheel, with a couple of them being collaboration brews.

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