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We are Barton’s

We are Barton’s

Where it all started.

Back in 1917, John Barton opened a small off-licence selling bottled beers. He also delivered barrels and bottles to the local pubs and clubs from the back of his horse and cart.

John and Margaret had two children, Sally and Thomas. As soon as they were both old enough, they began to help out within the business.

After the death of his father, Thomas looked after the off-licence and took on the deliveries to the pubs and clubs. He also added a private trade round where he delivered directly to his customers homes.

And it grew…

The business grew and Thomas was able to purchase a lorry and a van to replace the horse and cart but he didn’t stop there…

Thomas started to bottle Guinness and cider along with sherry and vinegar, which is where the name Bartons Bottlers originated. The business grew enough to enable him to employ two people to help him along his journey.

Thomas and his wife had two children, Tommy and Margaret, both of whom contributed to the business and helped build their customer base year on year.

When Thomas passed away, his children continued to grow the business. They expanded the off-licence twice and in 1993, Thomas’ son Tommy sent the business in another direction.

Back to our roots.

Shortly after Barton’s ceased to bottle stout and cider, Tommy decided to start wholesaling once more. Along with his wife Jean, they got to work building their wholesale customer relationships throughout the country, whilst also increasing the pubs, clubs and restaurant customers around the local area.

Barton’s today.

Tommy and Jean’s sons, Craig and Gary are now fully involved in the day to day running of our busy, family wholesale business. Along with the day to day running of our subsidiary wholesaler, Quick-Keg in Llandudno, North Wales. These days we receive and distribute around three trunker’s of Guinness per week, that’s over 114,000 pints! All in kegs of course!.

But these days it isn’t all about our beers, we also have a huge range of wines, gins, spirits, bar supplies and snacks that leave our warehouses in one of our many vans and lorries daily.

And although Tommy and Jean have slowed down (a little) you will still find them in work every day along with Misty and Snoop (two Jack Russell’s) trailing behind them being stubborn, as usual.